MyNameIsTinka needs Fashion Advice!

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Hey Tinka’s! It’s MyNameIsTinka, and I need some MAJOR Fashion Advice from all of you. I really like my Tinka in one outfit, but than I also like the other outfit! What do I do? Maybe you can help me.

Below are 2 choices of outfits that MyNameIsTinka would like to choose from:


Comment your favorite outfit and the outfit with the most votes on July 1st, will be chosen.


Welcome to TinkaTolli Temple!

Welcome everyone to TinkaTolli Temple.

TinkaTolli Temple is run by former MiniMonos monkeys, BrettAxley & Tommypp.

MiniMonos recently posted a post that they were soon saying Farewell.. (very sad, yes), but we would like to continue the awesome-ness of blogging about virtual worlds, so BrettAxley & Tommypp have moved on to TinkaTolli!

Here, you can get ALL the latest updates from TinkaTolli 24/7.

If you have any questions, please contact us on TinkaTolli, or comment!

Please remember that this website will not encourage any inappropriate language or behavior.

Also, we will be working on all the pages and widgets for a while so please mind the horrible widgets right now.. The final design of our blog will be up before June 1st.